Opinions and Why They Matter!

Ever got into a situation where everyone’s aggressively discussing a particular subject, putting across amazing points and you’re just standing there listening to them wondering how you’re the only one who can’t put down your own thoughts?

Well, you’re not alone. This happens to a lot of modern kids.

While awareness of general facts, current events etc. is a different and subjective concept altogether the previously mentioned situation takes place because of one really important process which most people avoid doing:

Forming your own opinion.

I’ve witnessed many people answering some questions of mine with statements like “My mom thinks so” or “My friends like it so I like it too” and the like. These kind of statements show that the person hasn’t given any thought to how the matter affects him/her and what he or she wants,

Let me tell you why forming your opinion about certain subjects is important.

1) Opinions are an integral piece of how we define ourselves and our own individuality. For people to take you seriously in the real world it’s really important that you have a unique identity. Also, when you have a strong opinion on any matter it will lead people to assume that you are well versed with the topic (Although this may not always be the case).

2) Having an opinion makes you aware of what you want for yourself in life. If you take the time to form an opinion on a matter like politics then you’ll realize that you know which politician or which party will be able to benefit/help you and those around you.

3) If you have a strong opinion on a subject that you’re debating abut with one or more people you’ll realize that you can make a better argument because you know exactly what your stance is. We come across such situations at all points in life.

4) Your opinions give you independence. If you didn’t form your opinions and took everything everyone else said as cold hard facts then we might as well live in a “Big Brother” society like in the George Orwell novel “1984” and have everything dictated to us. Society can’t progress in these circumstances because there is no veering away from what has already been established as cold hard fact.

Now this list can go on forever but I’m sure you get the point.

If you feel the need to now establish your opinions in some fields, here are some pointers to help you on the way:

Learn as much as you can on the matter. Have an internal argument with yourself about how it affects you. Talk to other people, get their opinions on the subject, and weigh the reasons they feel like they do.

Learn to throw out sensationalized or motive generated stories on the subject. Ask yourself if what you hear or read is reasonable, logical, and realistic.

Now as with any kind of experiment, here are some final words of caution and advice on the matter:

1)Never put across your opinions while claiming them to be fact. They are not and will never be facts. Everything is subjective and a mindset which benefits you may not benefit the person you’re talking to. Your opinions are tailored to you as an individual and you should never force them upon others.

2) Now, obviously your opinions will change with time and that’s okay. You aren’t static — your opinions are always evolving because every second of every day you’re experiencing new things and that’s a basic part of living, the act of educating yourself and learning anything about everything. It’s called being alive, and it’s pretty sweet.

So, in closing:

Have an opinion


Know what you want.

Its what makes you, you!

See the world in a different light.

Signing Off,

Shawn Kenneth Fernandes

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