See The World In a Different Light

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For those who visited here directly, let me tell you what this blog is about.

It’s important to have a strong open minded approach to the everything. The world is full of amazing people who write amazing things, create amazing art and the like. The problem is they remain relatively unknown by the masses.


Simply because their work is unconventional and unfamiliar to the point that it alienates the general audience. They feel out of place.

Human beings at the innermost level despise change. So they avoid what they don’t understand in fear that what they already know and love might change.

This would all be well and good if what they were missing out on wasn’t amazing.

Hence the need to develop an ‘open and analytic mindset’. A mindset that will not only give you a chance to understand the unexplored depths of the world but also help improve your daily interactions and life in general.

I’m Shawn Kenneth Fernandes and welcome to ‘Through Fallacious Eyes’.

This topic, to a degree does  fit into the blog description of  “The Evanescent Dream” but the topic is so vast that it deserves its own series. Hence my decision to start a secondary blog to supplement my old one!

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Shawn Kenneth Fernandes

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